Thursday, May 23, 2013

monsieur D.

a few minutes ago on the radio:
Georges Moustaki has died
RIP monsieur Moustaki

takes me back a long long time
to be exact: 40 years
love french but not "la grammaire et les conjugaisons"
survived thanks to my "Bescherelle"

I love poetry
and so did monsieur D. 
"la ballade des pendues" de François Villon
still remember how it felt when I first saw it

because most of his pupils didn't like poetry
monsieur d. used french chansons
Moustaki, Brassens
he brought a recordplayer (old times, 40 years ago!)
and we all ended up singing "il est trop tard"
(will be in my head for a long time now)

should have said it then
but I will write it now:
merci mr D.
for letting me know about Villon & Moustaki & Brassens

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