Wednesday, May 21, 2014


long time ago I bought a little zoo 
in 12 matchboxes
made by Juri in West-Germany

don't ask me where they are
I don't know   
probably on a safe place

before I organise another dangerous expedition in many attic-boxes
I bought some on ebay

still need the elephants and the polar bears
and I discovered they had an (older)collection 
with tiny houses, farms and animals 

have a nice day, I am going to the vet with Vic 
see you tomorrow


  1. Love these...and I think I have a set but don't know where it is!

  2. same here would love to have my original matchbox zoo back. One day I will find it. Sometimes I put things on SAFE places and then I can't find them anymore after 25 years.... :o)